The Owner Chef Charlton Minor.

A Newport News, Virginia, native Charlton Minor, also known as Chef Chop is no stranger to the kitchen. Charlton started out helping his mother with caterings and feeding the homeless at a young age. As Charlton grew older, he knew pleasing people with a great meal was his natural calling. In 2010, Charlton completed his culinary courses and immediately started working under local chefs to achieve his dream of becoming a “great” chef. Charlton’s style of cooking comes from the heart, cooking with dedication, love, and pride; he leaves every culinary masterpiece with his own personal authentic unique touch. In 2015, Charlton invested in a food truck to travel the states and attended festivals, breweries, and more. Since appearing on local news segments, Charlton has cooked for Lavell Crawford, Jay Phillips, and Trey Songz, just to name a few. Launching his catering/private chef company in 2016, the private celebrity chef goes into homes to prepare meals for families big or small; he also meal preps and caters any event, gala, or function. He has also followed his mother’s footsteps to provide meals to the homeless twice a month through his nonprofit: www.everybodyeatsllc.org.

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